Memora Health Announces Postpartum Care Research Program With Mayo Clinic

The first phase of a research program to expand care to postpartum patients was revealed today by Memora Health. The initiative will be operated in collaboration with Mayo Clinic and will aim to enable maternal care teams to provide postpartum patients more support in between visits, enabling them to have a more connected experience with care while also reducing the workload on clinical and administrative care providers. Memora Health is a leading care program that supports healthcare organizations to provide virtual care and complex care management. According to its website, Memora Health digitized care programs reduce care team notifications by 40 percent, improves client engagement, and promotes better clinical outcomes across diverse populations. 

In order to create a more dynamic care journey that is tailored to each client’s condition, Memora’s AI-backed, digitized care programs are developed to promptly interact with patients from the comfort of their homes and resolve patient responses in real time. The programs support postpartum patients who need prompt and ongoing assistance at home. Furthermore, Memora’s care programs also effectively address patients’ frequently asked questions, identify symptoms reported by patients using natural language processing, proactively offer educational materials, and conduct postpartum depression evaluations.

According to Memora Health’s press release, approximately 98 percent of individuals use text messaging daily, making its SMS-first strategy the best tool for allowing care teams to support their patients outside of their hospital. For patients who do not have access to SMS or would prefer an alternative form of communication. This adaptability enables care teams to reach previously disadvantaged areas, such as immigrant populations and those with lower socioeconomic status, and boost access to healthcare. The care services offered by Memora will also assist patients who reside a long distance from the hospital where they had their baby, facilitating improved access to resources, enhancing health equality, and lowering obstacles to vital postpartum care.

“Our care programs support care teams as they reimagine how to provide care to patients during and after pregnancy, enabling a close connection between the care team and patient post-discharge and everywhere in between,” said Manav Sevak, co-founder and CEO of Memora Health. “We’re excited to launch this research program with Mayo Clinic to extend automated, easily accessible, and always-on postpartum care.”