Samsung Partners With HealthTap To Provide Healthcare Via Smart TVs

Samsung has partnered with leading virtual primary care provider HealthTap to help provide virtual healthcare directly to Samsung Smart TVs in the U.S. HealthTap typically focuses its efforts on offering easily accessible and affordable healthcare to millions of Americans through its mobile and desktop applications. The program provides its users with access to their own long-term primary care physician of choice who oversees their medical requirements at every stage.

Furthermore, a network of 90,000 U.S. doctors who volunteer their services in 147 different disciplines respond to HealthTap users’ health-related queries with free, informative solutions. HealthTap serves tens of millions of customers online each year and conducts thousands of medical visits, with an average rating of 4.9 stars. The partnership, Samsung believes, highlights the importance and profound impact of HealthTap’s platform. The comprehensive telehealth solution will be particularly beneficial for the older population, which makes up one of Samsung’s major customer categories, as senior citizens are far more susceptible to health concerns and require more proactive and ongoing care management. 

“Developing a primary care relationship is critical for all Americans, and the ability to conveniently access telemedicine through a TV screen empowers everyone to take care into their own hands,” said Sean Mehra, CEO and founder of HealthTap. “Together with Samsung, we are leveraging the simplicity and power of technology to make it easier for Americans to get the healthcare they need without the worries of transportation, work conflicts or lack of available physicians in their area.”

With HealthTap, Samsung Smart TV owners will be able to join HealthTap’s interactive healthcare platform and have video consultations with the physician’s of their choosing with ease. Customers may choose the most appropriate US board-certified doctor for them by reviewing doctor biographies, qualifications, and video appointments. 

“This collaboration represents the joining of two powerful and loyal consumer brands: Samsung, the leader in consumer electronics and innovations, and HealthTap, a beloved, consumer-centric virtual care platform, to improve healthcare access and health outcomes through the delivery of telemedicine in Samsung devices,” said Sean Park, Project Management at Samsung.